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Easy way to learn Korean Dictionary

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Easy Way to Learn Korean

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"Easy way to learn Korean"

English-Korean & Korean-English
Phrase Book & Dictionary

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This book is designed for beginners who want to learn how to speak Korean and carry a conversation. It includes sections with commonly used phrases which are useful while traveling throughout any province in Korea. When there for business or pleasure, the book contains fast, effective communication in Korean when needed.

This handy, sturdily produced volume contains over 18,000 Korean words that enable anyone to communicate instantly on everyday topics. There are quick reference sections designed to use when using irregular Korean verbs and a variety of thematic subjects.

Included in this book are the basic phrases one would use when wanting to make oneself understood in phone conversations, or using general expressions when traveling by boat, plane, or train. There are also phrases on how to communicate in restaurants, specialty shops, making hotel reservations and many more travel situations. The dictionary contains many more Korean words that are useful for any type of situation when needed.

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